Animals INVALID? PETA tells you why they are NOT!

>> Tuesday, January 4, 2011

If you thought the likes of Yana Gupta and Sherlyn Chopra were only capable of steamy and jaw dropping item numbers, you may be mistaken because sometimes they mean some serious business too. This PETA ad campaign, as much as it may talk about whips, canes and item numbers, it sends out some powerful messages. If Indians are most closely attached to one thing, its Bollywood hands down and when you combine one of the biggest nationwide issue with the biggest Bollywood stars, you get the public to listen and most likely act.

If you thought child marriage, dowry and poverty were our nation’s biggest worries, you may sometimes want to sit back and think about what this country would be without animals? What would it be like to study a Science text book that detailed India as a land where most animals are extinct because women wanted to wear only animal fur dresses to award ceremonies and carry only pure leather bags to reflect society status? As shameful as it may sound, that's the path we are treading! It is a worldwide issue without a doubt, and you believe that humans have rights, interests, and freedom to live, PETA believes that animals have them too and that's the message they want to spread. Launched in 2000, and based in Mumbai, PETA India stands by one principle : 'Animals are not ours to eat, wear or experiment on or use for entertainment'( Source : Its a movement that has just begun and probably has miles to go before achieving results, but with PETA as the platform, you and I have a forum to voice our opinion, support the organization and help its cause.

If you think locking your baby in a room is cruel, you may want to believe in letting birds and dogs be cage- free as our very own John Abraham suggests , if you want to be a Lara Dutta, you may want to consider vegetarianism( forget imagining how you would look in the lettuce gown!), and if you still want to see the elephants, who most superstitious people believe bring you good luck, then you may want to break the shackles and prevent abuse. A series of print ads, featuring the who's who of Bollywood, very aptly combined with a theme that depicts what they are famous for : Yana Gupta – item numbers, Rakhi Sawant – whipping the men, Sherlyn Chopra – Sensuous drama, Gulshan Grover – Villian roles and the other interesting combos.
To read more about PETA, see how you can help and be someone who can make a difference, is yours to get started.

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