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>> Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Advertisements, most of the times are 30 seconds of creativity and humor that can give you that much needed break from an intense movie scene, a nail biting cricket match or the unrealistic drama of an Ekta Kapoor soap. At other times, Ads are made to give the consumers some serious food for thought - whether it has to do with casting your vote, respecting your national anthem or making sure your child gets his/her pulse polio drops. All such ads are created to convey a strong Social message. The intention is to make every Indian aware of some inevitable responsibilities, wake up and ACT – be it for their own good or for a common cause.

It’s worth wondering why brands would choose to ride the social wave amongst multiple other options they posses. It’s becoming a common trend now than compared to say 3-4 years ago as we can see with campaigns like the Tata Tea “jaago re” and the Lead India campaign. There are a few benefits this option gives the brand which cannot be overlooked.

Firstly, such campaigns help the brand come across as socially responsible and mature. It helps them prove that they are beyond just selling their products to the consumers.

Secondly, the brand creates a lasting impression on the mind of the consumer and is in the consumers mind for all the right reasons which is a definite plus and Sangeeta Talwar’s statement to the “The Wall Street Journal” on the Jaago re campaign certainly proved this. She said, “The first thing a brand wants to do is punch a hole in your mind. To be remembered, recalled and build a relationship with the consumer. We wanted to go beyond a transactional relationship with the consumer”.

How do brands then decide on the most effective way of communicating this powerful message? Most of them choose the so called “easy path” which is to cast a biggie like Amitabh Bachan and then be sure that everything else will be taken care of. In a country like ours where celebs like Amitabh Bachan and Sachin Tendulkar are more like God that like film stars or cricketers, the message is automatically doubly powered and people invariably respond! It may cost the company a couple of crores but if that means accomplishing the end goal then why not?? Other brands go the more “ordinary way”. Cast a child from the slum or an ordinary Indian like you or me and that sometimes makes the ad more realistic and that much simpler to relate to. For example, the ad campaign that encourages encourage creativity and prevent dropouts has just a simple boy from the streets cleaning a car and then doing something so creative that even I would have probably never thought of (Watch the Ad below to be taken aback yourself!).

If you need to recollect what your social responsibilities are, or just want to go back in time and watch some of the best Indian ad’s with a social message, you are at the perfect place!

Hindustan Times Ad campaign (Its Time)
Gay Rights/ Responsible Journalism/ Stop the Panic

"Jaago re" Campaign

These ads tackle the most crucial social issues we face today: Bribery, unqualified leaders and the common man’s ignorance of his right to vote.
Excellently put across and leaving a lasting impression, these ads actually tell you not to just wake up every morning but to “Jaago re”!

Respect your National Anthem

Most of us believe that it’s only in that school assembly that we need to stand in attention while the national anthem plays – not so much out of respect but more due to the fear of getting whacked by our teachers if we didn’t!

A beautiful Ad, rightly deserving to be an award winning one, sends out the simple message with so much force– that no matter who you are or where you come from – a school going child or a beggar on the road, disabled and old or young and ruling the world - there is no excuse to not respecting your National Anthem!

Lead India

The youth is the essence of every nation!Thats the message that Junior Bachan, Priyanka Chopra and Sunil Mittal put across in these 3 commericals. Inspirational and thought provoking and makes you believe that if you want to see a difference, be the one to make that difference today!

Eve Teasing

Eve Teasing in India is so prevalent, everything needs to be done to possibly get rid of the anti-social elements responsible for it! Aaj Tak made this brilliant ad that sends out the message loud and clear in a very powerful yet humorous way.

Pulse Polio Ad with BIG B

Polio became one of the biggest concerns of the Indian Government in the past decade. There had to be a reason – the number of polio cases in the country were quite astonishing – a whopping 1934 cases were reported in 1998 and then in the years that followed the numbers hovered around the 200 mark. The goal of the Polio eradication Initiative is to ensure that no child will ever again know the crippling effects of Polio.

Who better could have been chosen to endorse this idea than the nation’s biggest stars like Preeti Zinta, SRK and the one and only Big B. All it takes is 2 drops, one may wonder if it’s that difficult to just go out and get it!

Eye Donation (Featuring Aishwarya Rai)

When a jewel can be passed on why let it rot in your grave?? That’s the message Aishwaria Rai intended to pass on when she decided to donate her beautiful blue eyes! Whether it’s a kidney, a heart or your eyes, if it’s healthy pass it on and lighten up someone’s life!

No Smoking

Not much needs to be said about this one. An absolute beauty and a must watch!

Give India

There is no feeling better than the joy of giving - whether it’s a lollipop to a hungry child on the road or a 1 rupee coin to an old lady begging at a signal.
These ads’s encourage every Indian to Give and make a difference, no matter how small it may be!

Encourage Learning

Every kid – rich or poor – has some special talent that needs not only to be appreciated but also encouraged!
Two wonderfully written ad scripts that need to be watched, appreciated and acted upon by every Indian.

Save the Tiger

How weird would it be if we say that of all things our National animal is extinct??? The day doesn’t seem far away if things don’t change really SOON.
The number is around the 1400 mark and it has pretty much hit rock bottom!
The country needs to act and prevent the extinction and that’s the only message in this ad series.

Save the Girl Child

In many parts of India and amongst many groups a girl child still means – Dowry, burden, an expensive upbringing and shame to the family!
In a world where women are leading the way in virtually every walk of life, female foeticide is still a very common practice in our country.
The need of the hour is to eliminate gender discrimination and this ad is a desperate measure to get across this message.

Domestic Violence

No one should be allowed to endure in silence the torture of an abusive relationship or a broken marriage. These ads encourage everyone to forget fear, break the shackles and come out in the open and report domestic violence because silence doesn’t paint the true picture!

Social Freedom Advertisement

If you thought that only women didn’t have social freedom, check this one out!! Men also find themselves at the wrong end sometimes!

Aids Awareness

Not much needs to be said as to why there is such urgency around Aids awareness in our country. India accounts for roughly half of Asia’s HIV prevalence and half of 4.7 million – this was the figure for the number affected in Asia in 2008 – is indeed a huge and disturbing number.

Happy Birthday India

We only think that it’s our responsibility to look after our parents when they become old, our grandparents when they have one foot in the grave or our loved ones when they need help. What about our nation? Is that only the duty of the soldiers who spend nights protecting our borders to make sure we have peaceful nights?? The truth is, our country is each ones responsibility and to protect it is each ones duty!

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