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>> Saturday, June 19, 2010

A jingle is a memorable short tune with a lyric broadcast used in radio and television commercials, which are usually intended to convey an advertising slogan. - Wikipedia

We have witnessed some truly remarkable jingles over the years that have made very ordinary advertisements stand out, jingles with recall value transcending time; jingles with a life of their own. For example, “Thanda Matlab Coca Cola”, “Washing Powder Nirma” or “Hamara Bajaj” will always remain evergreen in the history of Indian Advertising.

But such is not always the case, there are jingles that are catchy, relevant to pop culture, may even create an image of the product in your head everytime you hear it but still dont make a lot of sense. We have compiled a few such jingles that need some explanation.

Amul Macho Underwear (Yeh to bada TOING hai)

The advertisement ran into trouble for its content (one look at the advertisement and you will know what I am talking about) but we are interested in the jingle, 'Yeh to bada TOING hai', the word arousing curiosity obviously being 'TOING'. If you watch the ad and ponder over the possibe meanings of the word 'TOING' the possibilities seem endless.
  1. The thousands of orgasmic vibrations that run through the body of the female lead as she washes the underwear
  2. The expressions on the faces of the old ladies watching the whole act
  3. The Naughty Nature of the advertisement
  4. The transfromation one would go through upon putting on Amul Macho Underwear
  5. The pre-requisites for wearing a Macho Underwear

Minto Fresh (Jiggi Jikka Jikka)

I did not get the head or tail of this one and hence will not be commenting on it. 'Jiggi Jikka Jikka' is out of my domain and I would like to keep it that way.

Tata Sky (Isko Laga Dala Toh Life Jhinga La La)
Trust Tata to have brand equity, trust Aamir Khan to sell a product and trust me when I say I have no idea what Jhinga La La means. The origins of the term can be tracked to an old Kishore Kumar number 'Hum Bewafa' where the tribal background score goes 'Jhinga La La Hu Hu'. The context in the ad suggests that Tata Sky will improve my life and the term for it being 'Jhinga La La'. Now imagine if we were to use the term instead of the word improve or better.
My life became Jhinga La La after marriage or The Indian Cricket Team had a Jhinga La La tournament.

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