Incredible India

>> Friday, July 2, 2010

How many of us actually realise how incredible India is after all? Bollywood film makers rarely do, considering they are shooting all over the world except in India and for most of us a honeymoon almost implicitly means a trip abroad. Gets me wondering what do people believe our country lacks? We have the most beautiful historical monuments, such varied history and true diversity that are non-existent in most parts of the world. What’s more amazing is that that we have 28 states and each one of them is so unique in terms of people, culture and beauty. The people, the history, the unique atmosphere that makes everyone feel at home, the unity in diversity, the packed trains, and the bustling streets to name a few, are what make it truly incredible and truly India.

The incredible India commercials depict every aspect of the nation – its dance forms, serene backwaters, misty mountains, and amazing structures - that are so mind-blowing and have received numerous awards at many International film festivals.

These ads convey two distinctively clear messages:
  1. India is undoubtedly an Incredible country, and,
  2. Its citizens need to value and appreciate its beauty and culture a little more – by not spitting on monuments and respecting foreigners.

So, the next time you think of taking a holiday abroad, or believe that you would rather be in Paris or Rome than in India, think again! There may still be parts of this beautiful country that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

So what if India is not the fashion capital of the world or the place where Pizzas and burgers were first made, the truth is that it is “Incredible India”




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Incredible India

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