Cricket World Cup 2011

>> Monday, February 28, 2011

The West Indies did a brilliant job in 2007 – the lush green grounds, the beaches, the perfect holiday destination for spectators, and the class apart organization and groundwork that went behind putting it all together - and on the 28th of April 2007 if you dreaded the long wait till 2011, well you can put that smile back on because it’s over and rest assured it’s not looking any less promising or any less majestic this time around! And if Australia carries its dismal form from the Ashes, we will finally get the chance to applaud a new winner and a new nation as it embraces cricketing glory!

First things first...A somewhat different setting makes this year’s tournament more exciting. It’s going to be very South Asian in nature with India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh jointly hosting the party. There have already been the controversies (what’s cricket without it!) and the hiccups with Pakistan being stripped of its hosting rights, but with 17th Feb 2011, being just around the corner, everything’s in order and the final pieces are fitting in well.


Super Bowl 2011

>> Tuesday, February 15, 2011



>> Thursday, February 10, 2011

It’s the story of this one man army and the phenomenon they call Mr Rajinikath!! He needs no introduction in India – South, North, East, West – they have all been covered and fans reside in every corner of this country. Be it his acting, the dialogue delivery – they call it ‘Rajni style’, the things only Rajni can do – travel faster than light or unravel Vitoria’s secrets ;), the ever so unique sense of fashion or the jhatkas and the matkas that even put our very own Munni and Sheila to shame, the man aka ‘The God in Human Form’ is quite special in more ways than one.

The story of the brand called Rajinikanthh is unique and heart warming. It’s a classic example of the famous rags to riches story. If you were a frequent traveller on route 10A of the Bangalore local bus transport many years ago, chances are that Rajnikath may have sold you your bus ticket. A modest beginning and in his own impeccable style all he says is this - “Yesterday I was a conductor, today I’m a star, tomorrow what I’ll be only He knows!”.


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