Animals in Advertisements

>> Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vodafone\ Hutch (The Dog)
No dog has done more for the canines, not even Lassie or Beethoven, than the Vodafone dog has. The advertisement not only became a rage but it also sent the prices of pugs soaring. Owning a pug became a status symbol as Vodafone emerged a clear winner.


'Jingle' Mangal

>> Saturday, June 19, 2010

A jingle is a memorable short tune with a lyric broadcast used in radio and television commercials, which are usually intended to convey an advertising slogan. - Wikipedia

We have witnessed some truly remarkable jingles over the years that have made very ordinary advertisements stand out, jingles with recall value transcending time; jingles with a life of their own. For example, “Thanda Matlab Coca Cola”, “Washing Powder Nirma” or “Hamara Bajaj” will always remain evergreen in the history of Indian Advertising.


Amul: Utterly Butterly Delicious Amul

>> Thursday, June 10, 2010

In India, at least as far as I know, if its butter it has got to be utterly butterly delicious AMUL! Today Amul is a symbol of many things apart from butter– Chocolates, Ice- creams, an unending list of milk products, pizzas and even sweets, but the name Amul immediately brings in images of the “amul baby”, her red and white polka-dotted dress, her orange face, the hoardings that changed every week and the brilliant one liners they had on them.


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